Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RL eats SL sorry guys blogging will resume from now on, lol

Wow what a crazy busy time at ViRTuaL ATTIRE we sometimes wish RL didn't exist but it does damn it and it slows down the production ... We have still been releasing a brand new design every day (see below for and example) But there has been no time for other projects! Eeep, like completing the Elite Store or Creating a new Business in a Box. Let alone getting around to photographing our new hair! I have a list thats taller then me of things to do and a RL what wont quit, but im determined!

Designers Pick of the week FASHION IS PASSION and it certainly is folks at ViRTuaL ATTIRE we love fashion and we are committed to delivering it to you free every day!! Check out our store in world to slap our free daily outfit. In amongst all this crazy work i am really looking forward to Club eNlighTeNed's event on the 30th of April (probably) (god knows what the theme will be! ideas accepted, lol) Well guys peace love & moonbeams keep checking in on The Official ViRTuaL ATTIRE Blog & the website for more regular postings! (i promise i will remember to post stuff, lol sorry about the posting break guys RL ate me)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Busy week @ ViRTuaL ATTIRE

Wow what a busy week it has been ViRTuaL ATTIRE we've had new releases midnight manias there is a Easter Event Tomorow @ Club eNlighTeNed 4pm - 6pm sl time come dance with us and win 1000 Lindens, woooot! Check out our home page for all our New Releases and the much sought after info on our models hair tattoos & piercings! Well keep tuned for the quiet unvieling of a secret project in the works! Make sure you take the time to wander around the store and get the chocolate bunny hunt freebies - yay, We love high quality free stuff, lol

Happy Easter & Peace on Earth
and remember blog,blog,blog